Located in Belton, Texas – Call Us at (254) 760-5091!

Dickson Ranch is centrally located in Belton, Texas. Belton is on the I-35 corridor between Austin and Dallas, which means pick up is convenient. Delivery is available, too!

About Our Ranch

Dickson Ranch is becoming one of the best examples of a highly productive Agri-business in Central Texas.

Key elements of our success are Soil Conservation and Irrigation . We are producing high quality hay to stock the barns of Horse and Cattle men alike. Working with Bell County Extension Agency and our Fertilizer Providers, analysis of soil and forage samples are sent for testing to Texas A & M and A & L laboratories resulting in an optimal balance of nutrients and hydration. This process makes one of the most desirable hays in the Central Texas area.

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Hay For Sale

Varieties include Coastal Bermuda, Bermuda Jigs, Tifton 85, and useable natural grasses which grow best when using a proper fertility program, weed control, and irrigation.  Dickson Ranch assets include products of the newest technology and inventions in farm equipment suited for hay production.  Our goal is to produce the best quality hay in central Texas and to stay competitive in price with other producers.

The newest barn is capable of holding 40,000 square bales. Round bales are wrapped and protected by net-edge wrap, protecting them from environmental changes.  All in all, this is an operation that keeps your needs in mind, so that you receive the highest quality  hay available in this area.

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